React Training

React Training

React Workshop: 2nd Edition

React Workshop: 2nd Edition

Length: 2 days

There are exciting new features rolling out in React! This means that we're working on a second edition of our book, Learning React, and it means we have a brand new course ready to teach you all of the latest techniques in React development. This course is designed for engineers who have a JavaScript background and want to understand key concepts like state management, data handling, and much more. There will be Hooks! 🎣

JSXReact ElementsReact ComponentsPropertiesReact State ManagementReact HooksReact Suspense


Since its open-source release by Facebook in 2013, the React library has exploded in popularity due to its composable nature and declarative style. Many related tools and frameworks have emerged to supplement the features of React, and our classes introduce these with practicality in mind. With all of the recent React enhancements like Hooks and Suspense, our classes solidify the fundamentals while equipping students with the latest syntax and patterns.

"Great job of both answering questions & keeping the pace moving in class!"JavaScript Kickoff Student
Custom Curriculums

Any of our classes can be customized to fit your specific needs. We can create the perfect React.js training course for your team. Our materials are designed to be isolated, combined, and rearranged to create the perfect class.

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