GraphQL Training

GraphQL Training

GraphQL is for Everyone

Length 1/2 day

In GraphQL the "Q" stands for Query, which means _to question_. Developers and engineers are not the only people with questions about data. Everyone has questions, everyone needs answers. In this course, everyone learns GraphQL, a special way to ask the internet questions. We are going to learn how to ask the internet all sorts of questions at once and allow it to provide all of the answers in a single response. We'll also learn how to design a schema, the rules that a server must follow when answering questions. In this course, everyone will learn to communicate with APIs, retrieve and change domain data, and to be more effective with GraphQL.

GraphQL Query Language

First Thing

GraphQL comes with its own language for sending queries, the GraphQL Query Language. We start the course out by covering this language in detail. In this section, everyone will learn how to use GraphQL Playground to inspect and query GraphQL endpoints. Students will experiment with GraphQL by writing robust and complex queries, sending mutations, and listening for data changes with subscriptions.


Why We Use GraphQLUsing GraphiQL and GraphQL PlaygroundBuilding GraphQL QueriesChanging Data with MutationsUsing Arguments and VariablesListening for Changes with SubscriptionsReviewing a Schema with Introspection

Designing GraphQL Schemas

Before Lunch

GraphQL actually comes with two of its own languages: the Query Language and the Schema Definition Language or SDL. After the morning break, we will dive head first into the Schema Definition Language starting with the syntax, then by designing our own schemas. In this segment, we will learn techniques for designing schemas that clearly define business domains. Once complete, we will have the skills to help design the domain and retrieve data from it.


Schema Definition LanguageDesigning your Own SchemasConnecting Types with FieldsConnections with Through TypesEffectively Designing MutationsEffectively Documenting a SchemaStrategies for Approaching Design


GraphQL is a query language for your APIs, and GraphQL is everywhere. Whether you're a front-end developer trying to load data predictably into your UIs, a back-end developer looking to wrangle microservices, or a manager hoping to tap into the performance and productivity benefits of GraphQL, we have practical, hands-on courses that will fast-track your progress at creating production-ready services with GraphQL. Learn the latest from the authors of O'Reilly's Learning GraphQL.

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Custom Curriculums

Any of our classes can be customized to fit your specific needs. We can create the perfect GraphQL training course for your team. Our materials are designed to be isolated, combined, and rearranged to create the perfect class.