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No matter what your job role is, it's likely that you'll need to understand how GraphQL works and how you can get data from GraphQL APIs. In this online workshop series, you'll learn the basics of GraphQL in two parts: The Query Language and The Schema Definition Language.

Managers, developers, QA, designers, anyone who works with data: these sessions are for you.

💐 Online Workshop: GraphQL is for Everyone

Length: 1 Hour, Free
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If you're looking to start working with GraphQL, this webinar is the place to start. In this hour, we'll cover the basics of GraphQL and learn how to send queries to get data from GraphQL endpoints. Expect some hands-on activities and resources for taking the next steps.


Why We Use GraphQLUsing GraphiQL and GraphQL PlaygroundBuilding GraphQL QueriesChanging Data with MutationsUsing Arguments and VariablesListening for Changes with SubscriptionsReviewing a Schema with Introspection


GraphQL is a query language for your APIs, and GraphQL is everywhere. Whether you're a front-end developer trying to load data predictably into your UIs, a back-end developer looking to wrangle microservices, or a manager hoping to tap into the performance and productivity benefits of GraphQL, we have practical, hands-on courses that will fast-track your progress at creating production-ready services with GraphQL. We also offer free GraphQL webinars once a month!

"Great job of both answering questions & keeping the pace moving in class!"JavaScript Kickoff Student
Custom Curriculums

Any of our classes can be customized to fit your specific needs. We can create the perfect GraphQL training course for your team. Our materials are designed to be isolated, combined, and rearranged to create the perfect class.

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