Upgrading the GraphQL Workshop

May 16, 2019

"We out here". I say this at least 5 times every day. I never knew the origin until I looked it up and found out that it means the "arduous labor of consistent practice in skateboarding tricks...skating hard...putting in work". Turns out, I've been using that phrase right, because lately, "we out here" has meant that we are on the road teaching GraphQL workshops.

This past year, we have been all over the place teaching GraphQL. We treat our course materials like software, which makes our students our end users. Throughout the year, we have been patching our materials with minor updates and collecting feedback from our users. So now it's time to announce the second major release to the GraphQL workshop: graphql-workshop@latest. We've taken all of your feedback and designed 3 1/2 focused days of training, so that now we can offer 1/2, one, two, or three days of training based on your team's goals.

Day 1: GraphQL Kickoff

We've designed a day of training that focuses on the core skills necessary to design and build GraphQL APIs. On this day, students receive a thorough overview of the GraphQL query language, the Schema Definition Language, and Apollo Server. We've added some awesome hands-on labs that are both challenging and fun. We've also developed new samples, examples, and exercises that are designed to reinforce the core skills. Students who leave this day of training will be able to design schemas and build GraphQL APIs.

Full GraphQL Kickoff description

Day 2: Fullstack GraphQL

On this day, we focus on GraphQL clients. We examine how unions and interfaces can be utilized to solve various problems that you may encounter when designing client applications. We dive deep into the latest version of the Apollo Client. We'll use it to build both CLIs and web applications. We've upgraded our materials to use the latest React features. We will also be ready to upgrade them again immediately as soon as Suspense and a whole new Apollo Client are released. We've added more hands-on time and flexible labs that allow students to build clients using familiar tools. Students who complete this course will be ready to build robust full stack applications using GraphQL.

Full Fullstack GraphQL description

Day 3: Production-Ready GraphQL

We've listened to your feedback, and we've responded by adding a 3rd day of training. This day is designed to cover what challenges exist out there on the bleeding edge. For everyone who wanted more time to focus on subscriptions, security, performance, orchestration, and schema stitching, this day is for you. We're going to build real-time apps with GraphQL. We're going to look at how to scale GraphQL APIs. And we've added more hands-on challenges and labs.

Full Production Ready GraphQL description

1/2 Day: GraphQL is for Everyone

GraphQL is for everyone. You do not need to be a developer to learn GraphQL and how to interact with GraphQL APIs. We've designed a half day of training for management, stakeholders, administrators, and project owners. Your entire team will be able to work more effectively when your entire team understands how to access your business domain via GraphQL. We've designed hands on time with APIs so your team can be effective immediately.

Full GraphQL is for Everyone description

I hope we'll see you out here at one of our GraphQL courses. If you're in San Jose, you can sign up for a public workshop today, or bring us in for training at your organization.