How Do I Livecode Without Panicking?

March 18, 2021

Have you ever seen a mind-melting technical talk where someone was livecoding and you thought "That's cool, but I could never do that." Or maybe you thought: "I'll do that, but later in my life when I am more established. And no I'm not saying when." Or "That amazing speaker is just…

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WTF is Apollo Federation

January 06, 2021

Apollo Federation is an open source architecture that is designed to help your organization implement and orchestrate GraphQL services at scale. That's a sentence with a lot of words, but why do we care? Why is it useful? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Whys and the…

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Free Public GraphQL APIs

November 11, 2020

One of the most genius things that the creators of GraphQL ever did was give us GraphiQL. GraphiQL is an in-browser tool that you can use to send queries to a GraphQL API. To start working with GraphQL, you don't have to build a server. You don't have to write a parser. You don't have…

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Creating a Content Hub with GraphQL

October 15, 2020

Many of the most common misconceptions about GraphQL have to do with the whereabouts of data. It's often thought of as a database. It's often thought of as a replacement to REST. It's often associated with a certain type of database. The real deal is that GraphQL can be placed in…

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Incorporating REST Data with a GraphQL API

October 09, 2020

One popular misconception about GraphQL is that you have to tear down all of your REST APIs in order to build a GraphQL server. The flexibility of GraphQL allows you to use all of your favorite REST data sources while enjoying the organizational benefits of a GraphQL schema. In this…

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Securing Your GraphQL Server

October 02, 2020

When you build a GraphQL API, you provide a lot of freedom and flexibility to your clients. They have the flexibility to query data from multiple sources in a single request. They also have the ability to request large amounts of related, or connected, data in a single request. Left…

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Creating Custom Scalars

September 24, 2020

GraphQL fields can return lists and objects, but of course, they can also return singular values. These are called scalar types . A scalar in computer science represents a single variable, an atomic unit that can hold one value at a time. A lot of data for our apps falls into the…

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